Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters;
Since 35 years, I have been busy with research about Islam, Islamic law, the History of Turkish law and especially the practice of Islamic law in the Ottoman state. I have written many books and articles in Turkish, English and Arabic about these subjects; I have joined many national and international conferences inside and outside of Turkey; I have been invited by many famous TV Channels from Turkey, European countries and the Middle eastern countries for discussions. Besides that, I often participate in private speeches and conversations with Muslim or non-Muslim individuals. There are a number of videos, speeches and texts related to me on the web. But I haven’t been interested in making a website or a Facebook account for myself.. My friends and brothers have pressed me into opening a website in which we could publish directly many articles, summaries of books, news, and videos of conferences. Everybody could benefit from this website.

The world today has become a large village. Muslims and non-Muslims live side by side and have to learn about one another, share common properties and have respect for each other’s differences. Nowadays more than one and an half billion Muslims live in this village. Some of them are pious Muslims, trying to live in accordance with Islamic rules, whereas others do not but they might believe that these rules come from God (the Qur’an), from interpretations of His Messenger (the Sunnah) or the consensus of Muslim jurists (ijmâ’), and are at least rules derived via analogy (qiyâs) from the main sources of Islam. Majority of Muslims think along these lines and agree with the above. The reader should remember that Muslim individuals should live according to Islamic rules in their private life, but no individual is responsible for implementing Islamic law. In any event, the need to learn the facts about Islamic law is necessary for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims if they are to live in the same society with Muslims, at least for general information.

I want from both my friends and viewers certain things such as::

1. To correct my errors if I make any,

2. To help us about articles, videos and other items to be published.

3. To support this website if they wish to improve our activities and services.

Best Regards

Ahmed Akgunduz

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