Western painters Dream Harem Product Images-Istanbul Dolmabahce-2011

Rector of Islamic University of Rotterdam. Dr. Ahmed Akgündüz, haremle article or book about all the imagery is completely unfounded and illegitimate naked pictures and said that Western painters fiction

Dolmabahce Palace, the “Life of the Harem in the Ottoman Empire” Akgündüz speaking at the conference titled, serious books about the life of the harem was written by specifying the period of the Republic, the Western powers after 1920 almost compete to write a book about the Ottoman harem, he said.
Prof. Dr. Akgündüz, the Turkish Historical Society and a few foreign authors of works about haremle relevant to his harem, except a few who work for foreigners, looking at the issue based on his own and recorded the lives of the kings in Europe.
Family and social lives by his own example of the Western authors tried to explain the life of the harem Akgündüz stressed, “For example, empire, served as the capital of Austria in Vienna are statues of the royal palace walls in all naked women. Dikmişlerdir the walls of the palace built and the sculptures of naked women they are with the Kings,” he said.
Prof. Dr. Akgündüz, the harem is a three-gate, these gates are not up to the Tanzimat period, mobile vendors, even in male doctors said giremediğini, said:
“Westerners, such as harem lived to show how much credence to stories of true love. Haremle article or book about all the naked pictures and descriptions completely unfounded and illegitimate product of the imagination of Western painters. Haram, forbidden zone, and are not allowed, such as every man wants. But some Europeans particularly about the legal and Hürrem distorted, false information and imagery is very different from the books reflected the life of the harem. “
Prof. Dr. Akgündüz, continuing the life of the sultan and the harem of the sultan and his family in the area when the food needs of landlords castrated eunuch slaves and concubines girebildiğini that serve them, especially non-Muslim men outside of their strictly giremediğini said.
The door of the harem, “O you who believe, do not belong to you do not enter homes without permission!” Stressing that there is a verse in the form of Kerime Akgündüz the door into the family of the only concubines, and the sultan said.
Sultans CURRENT WITH THE RIGHT TO BE   Servant is a slave concubines of the sultan and his family lived somewhere other than services giremediğini Prof. describing. Dr. Akgündüz, today the same ones available on the economic situation at home was that there were servants.
Some are married and their concubines to their homes in the evening stating that Prof. gidebildiğini. Dr. Akgündüz, said:
“Ottoman slaves in the morning, 90 percent of income, services, they do their part, the salaries on a regular basis and would return to their homes in the evenings. Padişahlarla together for the evening, they went to their homes impossible. Sultans four women had the right to nikahlanma. Concubines As for the right to be with the maid köleleriyle , köleyle master with the concubine of the sultan of being together without marriage are entitled to the so-called istifraç. Sultan’s concubine that he uses the right of a cariyeyle istifraç slave servant of the sultan her husband is no different. concubine child if the sultan must give his freedom. Sultans even though such a right in this situation has been limited. This direction of research and examined the credentials istifraç possession of Religious Affairs show that very small number of concubines. Ottoman sultans did not take a couple of exceptions, free woman. This is because the wife was for her relatives to avoid the presence of the Sultan to make any claims. In a sense, abuse avoid that for. şeyhülislamın after Fatih Sultan’s daughter evlenmişse two had become well both regret. Söylenildiği tens or hundreds of such royalty has not been with the woman. Yavuz Sultan Selim two, wife of Suleiman the Magnificent in the life of 4 has been throughout his life. the Ottoman sultans, the Islamic recognized by those who abuse the right to legitimate and 3 of 3 Mehmed Murat. “
Prof. Dr. Akgündüz, highlighting the Ottoman Empire lasted nearly 700 years, a few rotten fruit, a fruit that can be seen in the garden because of the tens of thousands of fruit trees, adding a garden should not be abandoned.
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